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Our goal is to have 600 kite events worldwide during National Kite Month. An event doesn’t have to be a big festival; we encourage local fun flies, kitemaking workshops, indoor flies, buggy races, kite displays in public libraries and malls, and school demonstrations.

We urge individual enthusiasts, local kite clubs, local service clubs, schools, parks and AKA or KTAI members all to plan and organize events. To make this possible, the National Kite Month Headquarters will provide logistical support.

Company Overview
National Kite Month is a year long effort by kite professionals, enthusiasts, supporters, manufacturers, and friends to promote the wonderful qualities that kite flying has to offer people of all ages & physical ability levels. Kiting is truly a universal activity, limited only by the imagination.To further our mission, this web site is being updated constantly to provide the most comprehensive,.
WHY APRIL?In the USA, and some other western cultures, Spring is the season associated with kite flying. Twentieth century America latched onto the Diamond,or Malay Kite, modified by William Eddy in the Victorian era, as “What a Kite LOOKS like”.Once the airplane and many other inventions aided by experiments with kites were complete by World War One, the Kite was regarded as mainly a child’s toy, kids flew them in the Springtime when winds are strong enough to lift kites made with heavy materials.Another subculture also developed which kids and adults who love kites began to follow, and is hardly mentioned until now, the Arrival of commercially manufactured kites to stores in early Spring. The following link is one of the few examples of explaining this Phenomena; where Jeff Duntemann recalls childhood memories of the “Ritual” of kite purchasing and flying, as well as some research into “Whatever Happened To…” old kite companies from the past.

Using this North American culture of Buying, Making, and Flying kites in Spring as a tool to educate the public and recruit them to love kites as much as us Kiters do, is the reason National Kite Month exists.

You still ask, WHY April? and not March, or May, or even June? (or February in California)?

The Winter of 2014 is an example. Cold cold freezing harsh weather lingering thru Mid-March in many areas. Two kite festivals which go back almost a century, (Ocean Beach San Diego, CA. and Zilker Park Austin, TX were postponed due to cold rain. Hard to schedule a dedicated event with the public when the weather’s bad.
May & June start getting deeper into LIGHTNING storm season, and possible TORNADOES in the Plains and Midwest. A kite festival was held in Joplin, MO. in early June a few years ago. Kitefliers had their kites down, packed up, and left town (or found a Basement) just in time an hour or two before the now famous Tornado flattened much of the town!

The revised National KITE MONTH will be a new Bond, a joint effort between expert kite fliers, kite clubs, individual kite builders, kite manufacturers, kite shops, and of course, YOU. The public. Kids and Adults of ALL AGES, with a FOCUS on the old American tradition of kites in April. Even the largest inexpensive kids kite manufacturers will be included. Kites that fly well will be recommended, kites which do not fly well and are not tuned well will be addressed as we will report these flaws directly to the manufacturers, to ensure more and more POSITIVE kite experiences occur.

As for any notion that the inexpensive kites sold at big box department stores, membership club stores, and everywhere are “competition to kite stores and quality kites” ? No Way, those kites are the GATEWAY to us! a “Stepping Stone”.

A kid or adult pics up an interesting kite while shopping. IF it flies well, they are HOOKED!!! That leads them straight to the Local Kite Store on the waterfront or in the fancy boutique mall, or online where they find all sorts of different kites. They also find the local kite club and learn where to buy MORE kites, and even how to BUILD their own kites!

Another scenario is the Surfer, who rides in on the white water when the wind picks up, and sees a KITEBOARDER riding back Outside, and shredding thru the choppy erratic blown – out waves that he/she didn’t want to try. They research, and find a 2 meter Trainer power kite Parafoil to practice on. Soon they’re riding those blown out waves too, even getting pulled out of Wipeouts by the kite! OR they keep flying the 2-meter and meet the kite club and fly stacks too!

Until now, there has been a tremendous gap between the Kids, or “Newbie” of any age, and the “Kite Community” where some have scorned (for example) plastic Delta kites with a Barbie Doll or other cartoon on them that likely OUTFLYS their 100 foot Show Kite when the wind gets light & variable. My local club has 95 percent dual and quad line fliers, some of whom can rebridle a sport kite but can’t adjust the angle of attack on a single line cheap plastic kite.

Our pastime is very diverse as we create new types of flying and groups who love a particular style of kite flying. There is something for EVERYONE in our world of kites!

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