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10 ... 9 ... 8... OOOH THE COUNTDOWN!!!

10 … 9 … 8… OOOH THE COUNTDOWN!!!

NKM StickerHave you ever sat there waiting for something to happen, and you know it is going to happen, and you are counting down to the day it happens.  You are so excited that you get giddy and have to do a little bit of fun before hand just to relieve the pressure?  Well, as you can imagine we are excited about National Kite Month, it is only a few days around the corner!  So, how about this…. For everyone that submits a photo to the National Kite Month Facebook page in the next 3 days, we will send a National Kite Month Sticker to for free! (Limited to the first 50 entries)

You have to do it on our Facebook Page tho, and it has to be between now and the morning of April 1st.  While you are there, why not give our page a like and stay up to date on the goings on?  

For those of you not on Facebook, stay tuned, we will be hosting more contests for you specifically!


Have you had a chance to peek around and see the events listing we have? Make sure to select that drop down menu and find what is going on in your region. If you know of an event and it isn’t listed, let us know!!