February 2016

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FREE KITES!!! From the 'Thank You Charlie Program'

FREE KITES!!! From the ‘Thank You Charlie Program’

The “Thank You Charlie” program is run by the AKA in order to distribute kite kits at no cost to the recipient.  We are currently distributing bundles of 30 free kite kits.  The program is funded by donations made to the AKA.  Additional donations are welcome. The purpose of distributing kite kits is to encourage […]

Stickers, Patches, and Pins OH MY!

Stickers, Patches, and Pins OH MY!

It’s here folks! Well, at this very moment the stickers are here and available and the rest will be available soon. Head on over to our etsy shop and get your hands on some of the new stickers!   National Kite Month Etsy Shop  

What's Going On Back There?

What’s Going On Back There?

Some of you have been asking “What’s going on behind the scenes over at the National Kite Month?” Well, to be honest, LOTS! In February, Nic O’Neill was named chairman of National Kite Month. She is an avid kite flyer, and a super avid planner and logistics queen. She also has a great laugh, and is […]