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April 8th - KTAI Retailer Into the Wind

April 8th – KTAI Retailer Into the Wind


National Kite Month is put on through the efforts of two organizations, the American Kitefliers Association (AKA) and the Kite Trade Association International (KTAI).  Through out National Kite Month the AKA has been running a featured member section on their blog. Do you want to get to know more about some of the folks you might meet on the field? Head on over to to read about some of the great people that make up this organization. But, what about the KTAI, who makes up the KTAI? Well the KTAI is made up of retailers, manufacturers, and distributors of all things kites! Not only do you have the folks that make that great line that you love to fly with, Shanti Kites, but they are also sometimes the first kite store you ever walk into.  Today we are going to talk about one of those stores, Into the Wind in Boulder, Colorado.

Into the Wind is situated on the famous ‘Pearl Street’ in downtown Boulder, Colorado. It seems like an unlikely choice for a kite store to be so far from a beach, so far inland, but this store is one of the biggest in the country. This is in no small part to their excellent mail and web order business. Many kite enthusiast is excited to receive their catalogue in the mail, and many boutique kite builder has been excited to be the cover model. If you have never had a chance to see this store it is worth the journey if you are in the Denver area. Every inch of space from floor to ceiling is covered in colorful delights. There are avid kite fliers on staff that can answer your questions on which is the best indoor kite for your needs, or perhaps what is the difference between this stunt kite and this foil.

From the beginning, we’ve viewed kites as the fine art of enjoying the wind. Into The Wind was founded in 1980 by architects, George Emmons and Jim Glass. For years they were Into The Wind. They would test fly and photograph the kites, produce the catalog, take and ship mail orders and operate the store 7 days a week. In their spare time they designed and made several kites, which still appear in the catalog. Over the years Into The Wind has grown into a group of around 20 folks who enjoy making our living by helping other people enjoy the wind. For years we’ve called Boulder’s Pearl Street Mall home. We operate our catalog and wholesale services out of the same building as our store front. If you’re ever in Colorado, come see how we’ve grown.


Their exceptional customer service has won them many awards over the years:

2012 Wholesaler/Manufacturer of the Year
2009 Retailer of the Year
2008 Retailer of the Year
2008 Best Retail Promotional Effort – Into The Wind 2007 Kite Catalog
2007 David Checkley Lifetime Contribution Award – George Emmons, owner of Into The Wind
2006 Best retail promotional effort – Into The Wind 2006 Kite Catalog
2004 Best retail promotional effort – Into The Wind 2004 Kite Catalog
2003 Best retail promotional effort – Into The Wind 2003 Kite Catalog
2002 Best retail promotional effort – Into The Wind 2002 Kite Catalog
2000 Best retail promotional effort –
1999 Best retail catalog – Into The Wind 1999 Kite Catalog
1998 Best retail catalog – Into The Wind 1998 Kite Catalog
1995 Retailer of the Year – USA
1994 Best retail catalog – Into The Wind 1994 Kite Catalog
1992 Retailer of the Year – USA


To find out more, or to order from them, please go to