2017 NKM

Events for the Week of April 10th-16th

Wednesday, April 12, 2017 Hanscom AFB Elementary School Kite Day Hanscom AFB, MA – 3rd Grade class Kite Day. Kite demonstrations, building, history, geography, arts and science of kites. Indoor and outdoor kite flying. This is a private event. Wednesday, April 12, 2017 STEM Kite Workshop Chattanooga, TN – Chuck Jones will be conducting a […]

How do you celebrate National Kite Month?

How do you celebrate National Kite Month?

Over the weekend thousands turned out across the country to celebrate National Kite Month in their own way. Some attended festivals, some flew kites, some built kites, and some just enjoyed watching others. But, there seems to be a theme this year of celebrating National Kite Month in a different way than years past. Why […]

10 ... 9 ... 8... OOOH THE COUNTDOWN!!!

10 … 9 … 8… OOOH THE COUNTDOWN!!!

Have you ever sat there waiting for something to happen, and you know it is going to happen, and you are counting down to the day it happens.  You are so excited that you get giddy and have to do a little bit of fun before hand just to relieve the pressure?  Well, as you […]