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Events for the Week of April 3rd-9th

Monday, April 3, 2017 Kite Day at Lincoln Elementary School Lincoln, MA – This event is for the students of the school and is not open to the public. Monday, April 3, 2017 Fun Fly Warden, WA – Fun fly at the park on the east end of town. Contact Russell Martin for more information: […]

2017 National Kite Month Events

You can always go to our drop down menu of upcoming events sorted out by region, but just in case. Here is a list of events happening now!   DATE EVENT TITLE INFO WEBSITE REGION Saturday, April 1, 2017 Kite Fest Louisiane West Baton Rouge Soccer Complex, Port Allen, LA – Named “Festival of the […]

10 ... 9 ... 8... OOOH THE COUNTDOWN!!!

10 … 9 … 8… OOOH THE COUNTDOWN!!!

Have you ever sat there waiting for something to happen, and you know it is going to happen, and you are counting down to the day it happens.  You are so excited that you get giddy and have to do a little bit of fun before hand just to relieve the pressure?  Well, as you […]

National Kite Month 2017

National Kite Month 2017

We are barely a week away from this years National Kite Month! We are updating the calendars, and adding more and more content in the next few days. Stay tuned as we get everything all new and sparkly for this year!

Want a Chance at Free Stuff?

What was the best thing about National Kite Month? Help the folks running the show make next year better and be entered in for a chance to win several prizes!

April 25th – Whats coming up for the final stretch?

There is a LOT coming up in this final week, are you planning on attending one?   April 21st – May 1st – Cervia, Italy, April 25th – Kites in Flight, Wisconsin Rapids, WI South Wood County Recreation Center – Kite demonstrations. April 29th- May1st 22nd Annual Maryland International Kite Expo – Ocean City, MD  The Maryland International […]

April 18th – What’s Ahead

It has been a crazy week for folks across the country celebrating National Kite Month, but things aren’t over just yet, there is still two more weeks to go!  Here is a listing of some of the events coming up in the next week. But, before we get to the list, here is a video […]

April 16th – Indoor Kite Flying

Indoor Kiting (video from YouTube – by Matt Cyphert)Yes, believe it or not, kites can be flown indoors. In fact, indoor kite flying and competition are becoming more and more popular all the time with performers appearing on shows like America’s Got Talent.  Designed to fly in a windless environment, this type of kite is […]