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How do you celebrate National Kite Month?

How do you celebrate National Kite Month?

Over the weekend thousands turned out across the country to celebrate National Kite Month in their own way. Some attended festivals, some flew kites, some built kites, and some just enjoyed watching others. But, there seems to be a theme this year of celebrating National Kite Month in a different way than years past. Why not try one yourself! Or can you think of a new and different way to celebrate this year

1. Challenge yourself and your friends to fly a kite everyday for 30 days. 

Make sure to post a photo or video of it, or like they say, it didn’t happen! Use the hashtags #30daysofkites and #NKM to join the worldwide challenge!

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2.  Build a kite

Why not try your hand at building a kite? Do you already build kites, well why not find someone and teach them how to build a kite. Or, try building a different kind of kite that you have never built before!









3. Write a Poem, Haiku, or Song about kites

Why not give it a try and see what you come up with?

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4. Shoot a kite documentary video and post it online!

Imagine your kite is an endangered animal. It is allusive and likes to hide among budding tulips, or behind tree branches. Use your best David Attenborough voice and let your viewers now about the unique courtship dance of your delta.


5. Combine Kite flying with another hobby, something that people never thought of combining!

Do you like music? Why not fly a kite at a concert! Or are you into roller skating? Why not try skating while flying a kite! Or can you cook a gourmet meal while keeping a super lightweight indoor kite aloft on the thermals created by a boiling pot? The possibilities are endless, why not try!

Trent Nelson | The Salt Lake Tribune Jonesy Fedderson shares the sky with a variety of kites during the Antelope Island Stampede, Saturday, August 31, 2013 at Antelope Island's White Rock Bay.