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FREE KITES!!! From the 'Thank You Charlie Program'

FREE KITES!!! From the ‘Thank You Charlie Program’

Charlie SotichThe “Thank You Charlie” program is run by the AKA in order to distribute kite kits at no cost to the recipient.  We are currently distributing bundles of 30 free kite kits.  The program is funded by donations made to the AKA.  Additional donations are welcome.

The purpose of distributing kite kits is to encourage others to spread the joy of kiting through kite workshops and kite making projects worldwide. What better way to celebrate National Kite Month, then with the gift of flying to your classroom, or Boys and Girls Club, or other non-profit.  Anywhere that children gather can be a great place to build kites.  Watch as they express themselves through their art and creativity, and then revel in that smile on their face as they watch their masterpiece soar high into the sky.

We want to continue passing forward the joy and simplicity of kite flying, so as a part of the program the AKA only requires one thing.  Please send in five photos of the kites being built and flown at your activity.  These photos will be featured in our publication KITING Magazine, and used for AKA promotional purposes.

You can find out more, and fill out a request here: Thank You Charlie!

Due to the limited supply, we are only fulfilling requests from non-profits at this time. 

IBoy with kitef you would like to donate to help sustain this wonderful program, please go to the AKA webpage and donate! Make sure to select ‘Thank You Charlie Program’ in the donation designation.Girl with kite