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Kites are a perfect teaching tool, offering lessons in art, science, mathematics, history, recreation, culture, geography and, well — fun!

If you would like to do a short unit on kites for your class we have everything you need in this section. The end of this section has headings on Geography, History, Science and Math. You can pick and choose and use the material appropriate for the age group involved. However, the centerpiece of any kiting instruction (at least from the kids’ point of view) has to be a hands-on kite building workshop. We have plans for making very simple plastic bag or paper kites using materials readily available (scotch tape, bbq skewers, etc.). Or, if you would prefer a more “turnkey” approach, we can direct you to sources for complete kits with everything included.

A good place to start might be to download the American Kitefliers Association manual, “Kites in the Classroom”. (Just click on the link – it’s a 896 KB Adobe PDF file.) There is a wealth of information for teachers in that manual as well as a number of suitable workshop plans.

Many educational resources are also available on the AKA site Kites in the Classroom Resources Where Fun and Education Meet, at //

If you would like a do a quick workshop for younger kids with a really, really simple paper sled kite made from a piece of 8 1/2 x 11 copy paper that can fly on sewing thread, try the Boka Boka Philippine Sled . Plans courtesy of Charlie Sotich.

Here are three more simple kite plans:

The Bumble Bee

20 Kids 20 Kites 20 Minutes

The Paper Bag Kite

Boka Boka Philippine Sled

And don’t forget, every one of those kids will want to decorate his or her creation! Make sure you have plenty of different colored crayons or markers or whatever is appropriate for the type of sail you are using.


World Geography


Science and Math

International Culture

Other Supplies for Workshops


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